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I live very close to a popular beach town in northern Michigan (pictured on my home page) along with my college sweetheart/husband, two kids and a needy toy poodle. To liven things up I played 20 questions for you, using questions from glamour.com:

  1. What animal, besides humans, do you think would make the best world leaders? Rats. I’ve been convinced of their superior intelligence ever since I read Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIHM. Anything but pigs for cripe’s sake – we know they can’t be trusted with absolute power.

  2. If you could take a pill that made you never have a negative thought again, would you? I think I would. Hopefully it would taste like an orange Flintstones vitamin. But if it worked right away I’d be happy with anything, right? That’s kinda the point. . .I guess. . .

  3. What’s your earliest memory of feeling wonder? For most of my childhood my crib/bed was against an east window, and I remember enjoying the glowy feeling of the warm summer sun early in the morning.

  4. What would make a restaurant/bar/bowling alley/ice cream parlor better? (Anything from different glasses to a mariachi band to fog machines is acceptable.) Okay, so this question doesn’t work as well. I have to say, since I’m sitting at a very boring desk/computer combo, adding a restaurant/bar/bowling alley/ice cream parlor would be better. I’d also add the fog machine and mariachi band, but the glasses might be over the top. Unless they had umbrellas, then yes, those too.

  5. Is there a band that you used to love and can’t stand now? I’m something of a music heathen in that I like all kinds of music (except what passes for modern country), without regard to its quality. It has more to do with my mood-of-the-moment. I do, however, have an irrational dislike of Billy Joel and Celine Dion – Uptown Girl and the song from Titanic in particular. I can’t explain it, it just is, like dark matter and Twinkie filling.

  6. What’s your biggest food–related triumph? (i.e. learned to make a souffle, ate a ten lb cheeseburger) I have always love, love, loved to cook – ask anyone who knows me (or read my other blog). Last year I finally mastered French macarons and I do have a t-shirt for eating an entire platter of cassoulet all by myself (XL. . .), but my biggest triumph was many, many years ago when I tricked my brother into eating one of my mudpies. It looked delicious, if I do say so myself. The fam still talks about it.

  7. Do you think if you could get paid just to be yourself it would change the way you act? How? Where do I sign? It would give me more time to focus on writing and still pay for the poodle-chow. I’d be way funnier.

  8. Describe the best night of your teenage life. It had to be sometime during my freshman year of college, because I loved almost every minute of college. High school not so much. It probably involved a warm night, Whitesnake (see question five) and driving with the windows down.

  9. If you had a million dollars that you had to give to charitable causes, how would you spend it? I would give half of it to groups providing emergency healthcare/food/shelter and the other half to groups creating increased educational opportunities for girls worldwide. Empowering the women in our world is the quickest route out of poverty.

  10. Do you think your name suits you? What would be better? It’s not bad. Sometimes I think something more exotic would be cool, like Scheherazade, Jazminka or Zenobia.

  11. What’s your least favorite word? Spider.

  12. If a close friend told you that they had been abducted by aliens last night, would you believe them? It depends on the friend, some are better street fighters than others. Some may, in fact, be aliens themselves. That would explain a lot.

  13. What movies have made you cry, if any? You’re kidding right? My whole family hands me Kleenex during holiday commercials, especially if they have animals.

  14. What was your biggest accomplishment before you turned 13? I was an aide in our middle school library AND an office aide.  I’d check out Jane Austen and a Billy Squier album for the weekend. I doubt you can find Billy Squier in middle school libraries these days. . .one of the reasons for the sorry state of the world IMHO.

  15. You see on the news that there is an airborne virus that is turning people into zombies. What’s the very first thing you do? Call my brother, that’s his dream come true.

  16. Do you have any weird crushes on famous people that don’t make sense to you? They don’t make sense because they aren’t real people – but Four, from the Divergent trilogy and Count Vronsky from Anna Karenina. What girl doesn’t want a guy to say: “I am here because you are here.” Sigh.

  17. Do you believe in ghosts? Yes, because without them the world would be much less interesting.

  18. What did you think was “cool” when you were around 8 years old? Totally dating myself again but I was 8 during the golden age of disco, KISS and the debut of Star Wars. All still awesome.

  19. Do you have a “lucky” object or article of clothing? Does it work? I’ve got an assortment, in case one stops working: a golden Buddha, a ruler from my first job and the calculator that got me through high school trigonometry. It still has my notes penciled in over the keys.

  20. How would you pitch a reality show about yourself? To what network? I would go to the DIY network and pitch it as Renovate This! The Heather Project.

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